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Basic Data
NameWilson / 李承翰#2375
Telephone number#2354
Contact addressNo. 1018, Sec. 6, Taiwan Boulevard, Shalu District, Taichung City 43302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Job title Software development group
ResponsibilitiesB23 community management system
B29 class will record system
B30 student reward and punishment reporting system
D01 personnel management system
D02 Organization Management System
D03 part-time teacher hiring system
D04 appointment and removal relocation management system
D05 reward and punishment management system
D07 School Activities / Courses System
D08 holiday management system
D13 personnel assessment system
D20 Human Resources System
G01 school basic database system
H03 School Development Project Management Examination
Y03 map information management system
Education and training park
Deploy operations and management
Net shared architecture development
職務代理人Su59jen /Goden
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