Using a single Internet account service account and password, you can navigate the information service system; the system and provide forget the account, change your password and other functions, allowing you to use a single interface to maintain a personal online account password.

Information services currently provided by the system with the following:

  • iPortfolio platform (iLC new version) : You can quickly make the whole event website, or project site, modular operation of a similar blog for easy self-editing.
  • Teacher Information : Provide the amount of teaching assessment, performance systems, mentoring, curriculum and other related input and upload information.
  • School Information System : Jufan Senate administration, Academic Affairs system, general administration, Cijia management, budget management, and four assessment system and so on.
  • Staff e-mail system : Provides Internet e-mail service, and to provide spam filtering mechanisms. Faculty website and mail box space is 1024MB.
  • E-learning system: to provide wisdom master digital learning platform and Moodle platforms allow teachers and students can learn in the Internet space.

Other Campus Information Services link contains:

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