Founded in 1997, the Computer Center is the pivot of information technology. The main missions are planning, developing and managing computer hardware and software and also internet resources on campus. The Computer Center also supports teaching and research development; promotes the automation of administrative affairs in college; offers information technology service on- and off campus. In recent years, with the trend of enhancing IT-based administrative process in each unit, the missions of the center have become more and more important.

Our missions:

  1. Manage and maintain computer network and computer classrooms..
  2. Offer computer application service for teaching and research to all staff and students.
  3. Develop and maintain computer software for administrative affairs independently.
  4. Plan the installation of related computer facilities on campus.
  5. Offer consulting service and extension programs related to information technology.

Our objectives:

  1. Promote the automation of administrative affairs in college.
  2. Integrate all the digital computer resources.
  3. Implement intelligent campus network, and create a digital campus.
  4. Offer complete computer classes, researches and administrative environment.

The main tasks of the center are divided into two groups: program development division and system service division. Primary tasks are as follows: organize overall computing and networking resources on campus; account for the automation of administrative affairs; develop different kinds of administrative information system; edit user manuals for different systems; arrange computer training sessions for instructors and students; support information technology extension programs and E-learning tuition; manage campus-wide network; maintain computer classrooms; responsible for overall office “electronization” in order to facilitate the internet safety and convenience on campus.

Our division:

  • Division of program development: (ext.2353)
    Account for the development of software system in each department on campus, and efficiently meet the requirement of “electronization” for each department.
  • Division of system service: (ext.2355)
    1. Responsible for the free flow of internet and intranet network backbone.
    2. Maintain multiple mainframes and network facilities.
    3. Overcome computer hardware break downs in each department.

The equipments which the Computer Center requires when providing services are based on the principle of “optimization”. This enables the entire university to become an intelligent information web based campus, and to achieve information sharing which enhances the efficiency of teaching, research, and administration. In order to create a digital campus, the Computer Center is devoted to set up wireless network on campus. By forming a campus wireless broadband network with the combination of office automation, our Center has become a “Generation E” education, a research approach and demand approach information technology supporting center.

Department Computer Center
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